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Historic map of Scotland: Chrinside Bridge - Ninewells
Daivd Hume Statue (Detail), by Alexander Stoddart (1995)

David Hume Sites

David Hume Bridge, Chirnside
David Hume Bridge   A modern span over the Whiteadder Water, replacing the bridge (background) that Hume rebuilt   (Richard Web photo).

I also leave, for rebuilding the bridge of Chirnside, the sum of a hundred pounds; but on condition that the managers of the bridge shall take none of the stones for building the bridge from the quarry of Ninewells, except from that part of the quarry which has been already opened   (David Hume’s Will).



David Hume Mausoleum (1778) David Hume Mausoleum  (Robert Adam),   Old Calton Burial Ground, Edinburgh  (Neal Tognazzini photo).

I also Ordain, That if I shall die any where in Scotland, I shall be buried in a private manner in the Calton church yard, the south side of it, and a monument be built over my body, at an expence not exceding a hundred pounds, with an inscription containing only my name, with the year of my birth and death, leaving it to posterity to add the rest  (David Hume’s Will).



7 North St. David Street, Edinburgh
North St David Street,  Edinburgh
(Google Street View).  

One young person who found his company particularly “acceptable” was an attractive, vivacious, and highly intelligent woman in her twenties — Nancy Orde, the daughter of Chief Baron Orde of the Scottish Exchequer. One of Hume’s friends described her as “one of the most agreeable and accomplished women I ever knew.” Also noted for her impish sense of humor, she chalked “St. David’s Street” on the side of Hume’s house one night; the street still bears that name today.

David Hume’s Life and Works
by Ted Morris (2009).



David Hume (Sandy Stoddart) Edinburgh   David Hume Tower, Edinburgh University
David Hume  (Sandy Stoddart)
The Royal Mile, Edinburgh   (Neil Owen photo).
  David Hume Tower (Sir Robert Matthew)  Edinburgh University   (Graeme Yuill photo).



David Hume Statue, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh Adam Smith Statue, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
David Hume and Adam Smith   Northwest tower, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh   (Kim Traynor photo).



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