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Portrait of David Hume (detail) by Allan Ramsey (1754)

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Regular membership is $35 (US) per year, or $150 for five years. Student membership is $25 per year.

Two-Year Discounts:
  • Regular two-year membership is $52.50
  • Student two-year membership is $37.50

  • Hume Studies Cover

    Members of the Hume Society receive the journal Hume Studies, published twice yearly in April and November under the auspices of the Society. In addition, members have full access to the Hume Studies Archives, an online archive of the journal.

    Members also enjoy publishers’ discounts
    on selected Hume volumes:

    David Fate Norton and Jacqueline Taylor, eds.,
    The Cambridge Companion to Hume (2008)
    Cambridge University Press, discount: 20%

    Norman Kemp Smith, The Philosophy of David Hume (1941/2005) Palgrave Macmillan,
    discount: 25%

    Elizabeth S. Radcliffe, ed., A Companion to Hume (2008) Blackwell Publishing,
    discount: 30%

    David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, ed. Norton & Norton (2007), Oxford University Press,
    discount: 30%


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