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Portrait of David Hume (detail) by Allan Ramsey (1754)

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The Hume Society welcomes news from members on the publication of books, including edited collections, special journal editions, awards or prizes and interviews on Hume. To see members’ publications of articles and chapters, please check their academic or other profiles.

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Spyridon Tegos (Crete) has been selected as the 2016-2017 Daiches-Manning Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), University of Edinburgh.

New Books and Edited Collections

Donald Ainslie (Toronto),
Hume's True Skepticism (Oxford)

James Harris (St Andrews),
Hume: An Intellectual Biography (Cambridge)

Andre Willis (Brown),
Toward a Humean True Religion: Genuine Theism, Moderate Hope, and Practical Morality (Penn State University Press)

Christine Swanton (University of Aukland),
The Virtue Ethics of Hume and Nietzsche (Wiley)

Jacqueline Taylor (University of San Francisco),
Reflecting Subjects: Passion, Sympathy, and Society in Hume's Philosophy (Oxford)

Mikko Tolonen (University of Helsinki),
Mandeville and Hume: Anatomists of Civil Society (Voltaire Foundation)

Stefanie Rocknack (Hartwick College),
Imagined Causes: Hume's Conception of Objects (Springer)

Graciela De Pierris (Stanford),
Ideas, Evidence, and Method: Hume's Skepticism and Naturalism concerning Knowledge and Causation (Oxford)

Rico Vitz (Azusa Pacific University), Editor,
“Ethical and Religious Themes in Humean Philosophy,”
Res Philosophica 92:3 (July 2015)

  • Helen DeCruz (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Yumiko Inukai (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
  • P. J. E. Kail (Oxford, St. Peter's)
  • Katharina Paxman (Brigham Young University)
  • A. E. Pitson (Stirling)
  • Glen Pettigrove (Aukland)
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe (William and Mary)
  • Stanley Tweyman (York)

David Landy (San Francisco State University),
Kant’s Inferentialism: The Case Against Hume (Routledge)

Knud Haakonssen (Sussex) & Paul Wood (University of Victoria), Editors,
Thomas Reid on Society and Politics (Edinburgh UP / Penn State UP)


Alison Gopnik (Berkeley),
"How an 18th-Century Philosopher Helped Solve My Midlife Crisis:
David Hume, the Buddha, and a search for the Eastern roots of the Western Enlightenment," The Atlantic


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