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Portrait of David Hume (detail) by Allan Ramsey (1754)

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ISSN 0319-7336
Volume 42, Numbers 1-2

Editors’ Introduction for Volume 42
Ann Levey, Karl Schafer, and Amy Schmitter     3
“Loose Bits of Paper” and “Uncorrect
Thoughts”: Hume’s Early
Memoranda in Context
Emilio Mazza and Gianluca Mori     9
Hume’s Perceptual Relationism
Dan Kervick   61
Hume’s Alleged Lapse on the Causal Maxim
Kevin R. Busch   89
Hume on the Laws of Dynamics: The
Tacit Assumption of Mechanism
Matias Slavov  113
Skeptical Influences on Hume’s
View of Animal Reasoning
Richard J. Fry  137
On David Hume’s “Forms of Moderation”
Kelly M. S. Swope  167
The Political Lessons of Hume’s Dialogues
Concerning Natural Religion
Jonathan Harold Krause  187
The Impact of David Hume’s Thoughts
about Race for His Stance on Slavery
and His Conception of Religion
Andre C. Willis   213
Whence the Chemistry of Hume’s Mind? Review of:
Tamás Demeter. David Hume and the
Culture of Scottish Newtonianism: Methodology
and Ideology in Enlightenment Inquiry
Miren Boehm  241
Jai Wei. Commerce and Politics in
Hume’s History of England
James A. Harris  245
Paul Sagar. The Opinion of Mankind: Sociability and
the Theory of the State from Hobbes to Smith
Danielle Charette  248
Elizabeth Robinson and Chris W. Suprenant, eds.
Kant and the Scottish Enlightenment
Peter Thielke  252

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